05/13/16: ODE State Superintendent


Our New State Superintendent knows all about MSP

By now I am sure that everyone is aware that Paolo DeMaria has been selected as Ohio’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction. I am excited that the position has finally been filled, and even more excited that Paolo was chosen to lead the Ohio Department of Education. I have had the pleasure of working with Paolo during his previous tenure at ODE, and look forward to working with him again. I can honestly say that if it had not been for Paolo, I do not believe that we would currently have an Ohio Medicaid School Program. I am sure that Paolo will have many other important issues to deal with other than MSP, but I am confident that under his leadership, the program will receive the additional resources and attention that it needs.

The Ohio Department of Education is the “Lead Agency” for the Ohio Medicaid School Program, and the Ohio Department of Medicaid is the “Oversight Agency”. With that said, there are many areas in the program that need improvement, and I feel very confident that there will be positive changes made by the new administration. Below are the Top 10 MSP issues (other than ORP) that I will be sharing with our new State Superintendent.

  1. Online Automated Cost Report – This would save a lot of time for everyone involved.
  2. Interim Rate Changes – The online cost report will provide the data needed for rate analysis.
  3. Provider Manual – The program needs a detailed provider manual developed.
  4. Additional ODE Staff – Still only one person to lead a 650 school/$75 million dollar program.
  5. AUP audit changes – We need to strengthen the AUP audit to increase program integrity.
  6. ODE Communication – ODE should provide ongoing timely communication to districts.
  7. Fight for Schools – ODE along with districts should fight against unreasonable mandates.
  8. Program Expansion – Make certain that our program is maximizing Medicaid reimbursement.
  9. Consistency Among Billing Vendors – Make sure that everyone is interpreting the rules correctly.
  10. Monthly MSP Stakeholders Meeting – Begin meeting again on a monthly basis with Stakeholders.

I would like to wish the best of luck to Paolo. He has a challenging task ahead, but I feel confident that he will do a great job for Ohio schools, the children they serve, and the Medicaid School Program.


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