12/04/15: Medicaid School Program Changes/Deadlines

For the past year, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) have been hosting monthly meetings with billing vendors and CPA audit firms called “MSP 2.0”. Within this group, we have made changes to the MSP rules, the Cost Report, and the Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP) audit. With some Billing Vendors and CPA Firms not attending and participating in these meetings, misinformation has become a huge problem for the program. For that reason, ODE and ODM have cancelled all future MSP 2.0 meetings with the MSP billing vendors and CPA firms.

Their goal is to communicate directly with school districts on MSP issues, rather than districts having to rely on billing vendors for information. There will be a memo coming out soon from ODE to every Ohio school district that will explain the current MSP Billable Services and the status of Future Program Expansion.  ODE and ODM will be putting together a similar MSP 2.0 Stakeholder Committee consisting of school district personnel. I encourage any district that is interested in participating to contact Mark Smith at ODE (mark.smith@education.ohio.gov) and/or Yolanda Talley at ODM (Yolanda.talley@Medicaid.ohio.gov).

Along with this change, I anticipate some additional changes with the Ohio Medicaid School Program, as the state really needs to improve the integrity, accountability, and efficiency of the entire program. The AUP Audit will get more stringent, the Cost Report will be more detailed, and there will be strict deadlines for data submissions (MER and RMTS), Cost Report preparation, and AUP audit completion. In return, ODM has committed to processing MSP Final Settlements in a timelier manner. Attached are the timelines that have been established by ODM for the next seven Cost Report years.

These new deadlines start with the 2014/15 Cost Report year, and here are the important dates to note:

  • MER Data Submission – Due 11/30/2015, then due on March 31st of each subsequent year.
  • Cost Report – Due 12/31/16, and December 31st each year thereafter.
  • *Final Settlement – Paid by 09/30/2017, and then each year by September 30th.

*I would anticipate that this date may change to June 30th, since the MSP rules require Final Settlements to be paid within 2 years of the end of the school fiscal year.

Download Medicaid eligibility rate MER deadlines
Download cost report final settlement deadlines

What does this all mean to Ohio provider school districts?

Districts should pay particular attention to Medicaid information that comes from ODE or ODM, and send a copy of all MSP communication to your billing vendor. When requested, try to get data to your billing agent or AUP audit firm as promptly as possible. Cost Report extensions will now be required 30 days before the Cost Report due date, and will need to come directly from the school district. The Ohio Medicaid School Program is administered by the Ohio Department of Education, and Mark Smith is the Program Lead. Your billing agent should still be your best source of MSP information, but you can also speak directly to Mark at 614-752-1493.