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Do I qualify for Medicaid Insurance?

To see if you may qualify for Ohio Medicaid, go to https:/benefits.ohio.gov
Click on “Check Your Eligibility”.
Choose “Myself” or “Family” coverage.
Choose “How many people are in your household?”
Enter “Monthly Household Income”, and “Home Zip Code”.
Answer the 7 Yes or No questions. Click “FIND OUT NOW”

You will get 1 of these 2 messages:
Based on your answers, you may be eligible for Ohio Medicaid.

Based on the information you provided, you are likely not eligible for Ohio Medicaid
Click HEALTH INSURANCE MARKETPLACE to explore your private health care options

You may also apply at your County Department of Jobs and Family Services.
To look up your County Department of Jobs and Family Services address and phone number, go to http://jfs.ohio.gov/county/county.directory.pdf, then Click on your County. County Department of Jobs and Family Services is listed first.

Ohio Medicaid Consumer Hotline 1-800-324-8680

Healthcare Billing Services, Inc. 1-740-639-4218

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