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Ohio Medicaid School Program IDEA/Medicaid Parental Consent Procedure

IDEA/Medicaid Parental Consent relates to the sharing of student specific information in the process of billing Medicaid for services provided under the Ohio Medicaid School Program. Parents have the right to non-consent to the sharing of this information. Therapists should document for all IEP students served, but only the services for Medicaid eligible students that have a signed consent will be processed by HBS.

There are two parts to the required IDEA/Medicaid Parental Consent. The first part requires that an annual Parental Notification Form be provided to parents that inform them of their rights under IDEA. The second part is a one-time signed Parental Consent Form (ODE PR-10) that must be signed by the parent.

To fully comply with this new IDEA requirement, the following procedure should be followed:

  • At the initial ETR meeting, where the parent is signing the PR-05 "Parent Consent for Evaluation", have the parent also sign the PR-10 "Parent Consent to Share Health Information", and give them a copy of the Parental Notification Form. Send the signed Parental Consent Form to HBS.
  • At the Annual IEP Review, provide the parent with a copy of the Parental Notification Form.
  • On a quarterly basis, HBS will provide the district with a list of IEP Medicaid students currently receiving services that HBS does not have a signed Parental Consent Form on file. Districts should try to obtain a signed Parental Consent Form for those students listed so that Medicaid claims can be processed.

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